5+ Status Report Templates

By | October 23, 2018

Status Report Template lets you to make status reports quickly with no errors and mistakes. Status report is an important used by project manager and manager to keep clients and higher authorities up to date with the status of a particular project or job. It is considered as a vital project management tool to showcase the current status of a job or project as well as to provide related information to concerned people and department. Status report is a best way of communication between project manager and client. Such reports are prepared for different time intervals. For example, these can be prepared on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis as suits to organization’s needs. Writing a status report is not rocket science but one can use status report template as starting point to prevent errors.

A status report is a communication tool and best way to keep your customers and clients up to date with the current status of projects or tasks. A status report is a good opportunity to effectively communicate your accomplishments with your boss or your client. Status reports help employees to plan and manage their strategy and efforts against their goals and tasks. A well designed status report will not only keep your boss or client up to date, but also help to keep you on track with your assignments and tasks. IT is a best way of close communication with your client and exchange information about the current status of a project or job including the progress. A status report can provide an overview of the project itself, and also tells that what you have accomplished and what kind of job remains to be completed.

Sample Status Report Template

Task Status Report Template

status report template 1

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Project Status Report Template

status report template 2

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Project Status Report Example

status report template 3

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Blank Project Status Report Template in Word

status report template 4

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