6+ Sales Receipt Templates

By | October 22, 2018

Below is a readymade sales receipt template that can be used to create professional looking sales receipt for a business establishment or company. Whether you are a store keeper or selling products or goods offered by your company, you might need to give a proper sales receipt to each your customer. Sales receipt is a vital business document used by companies and businesses to document sales transactions made with customers. They use sales receipts to keep track of sales as well as revenue generated during a particular period of time. This free sales receipt template is ready to use document that provides the basic information about the customers including date, name of customer, list of goods purchased, price of goods, company name and address details etc to make perfect sales receipts

Sale receipt is a document or slip of paper provided by the company to their customer when they purchase any kind of goods or services from company. Mostly it indicates all important information regarding sale such as, time and date, kind of goods or services, amount of goods or services, total payment and mode of payment as well.  Sales receipt is a proof for the customer that purchase was made and what they bought and how much money they paid for goods. People saves sales invoices for several reasons such as, in order to get reimbursement by owner, tax preparation, maintain personal accounts and exchange of goods etc. Hand written sales receipt is an old method, mostly companies are using electronic sales receipts which saves time and minimize the human errors. Large number of software available on internet that can help you to prepare sales receipts seconds.

Below are editable sales receipt templates free for you

Printable Sales Receipt

sales receipt image 1

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Sales Receipt Example in Word

sales receipt image 2

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Blank Sales Receipt Template

sales receipt image 3

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Company Sales Receipt Template

sales receipt image 4

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Sales Receipt in Excel with Formulas

sales receipt image 5

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