5+ Quotation Templates

By | October 30, 2018

Quotation Template is a ready to use document that lets a user to prepare quotations for customers and client. Asking about price of product or a particular job can be very first question of the customers because it gives them an idea of estimated price.  Sellers, vendors and many other professionals prepare a document for customer to provide them details about estimated cost of products or job and time required to complete the job etc. quotation is an important business document often prepared by companies and businesses for their customers. It is just like an offer by seller, vendor or an individual person to sell products or to complete a work in return of specified amount of money. a well designed quotation template is also added here to provide assistance when making quotations.

A quotation is simply a statement in written format which identifies the sum of money for a particular job or task. A quotation is also can be defined as repeated words by a person which wrote by another one. In terms of business, quotation is a sale offer made by a seller or producer of goods to a buyer who is interested. A quotation should include necessary information about goods or sale such as, type of goods, quantity and price details. It should be in clear and concise form and prepared carefully. You can also collect tips and ideas to write a perfect quotation for your buyers. Quotation templates are also available on internet that you can utilize in order to write a quotation in best way. You can edit and insert all information in those templates that you want.

Sales Quotation Template

Company Quotation/Quote Template

quotation template 1

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Blank Quotation Template

quotation template 2

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Sample Sales Quotation Template

quotation template 3

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Quotation Form Template

quotation template 5

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