5+ General Ledger Templates

By | October 22, 2018

If you are responsible to prepare and maintain general ledger of a business or company, you should utilize our free General Ledger Template to get help in this regard. A general ledger is a document used by accountant general or the company to record all the financial transactions taking place in the company. It is a primary record of the company’s business deals and transactions that helps a lot to make other financial reports like income statement and balance sheet etc. general ledger is a best way to keep a proper track of day to day accounting activities of a business establishment or company so it should be maintained carefully. Use of general ledger template is also suggested by experts to maintain accuracy.

General ledger is a primary accounting record of a company which helps to make financial statements. It is a complete record of all financial and accounting transaction of the company. General ledger helps to prepare other financial statements like as, assets and liabilities, owner’s equity, expenses, balance sheet and income statement etc.  General ledger should prepare carefully and enter all details accurately such as date, particulars, reference number and amount etc. It is usually used in double entry book keeping strategy where every transaction record twice in both debit and credit column. After that total of debit column will b equals to total of credit column. Usually general ledger is used to prepare financial statements of the organization or company. General ledger also helps the departments to assess the financial situation of the company. Preparing general ledger is very important for small and large scale of business in order to maintain all business affairs effectively.

General Ledger Example

General Ledger Spreadsheet

genera ledger template 1

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General Ledger Template Excel

genera ledger template 2

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General Ledger Sample Template

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General Ledger Maker Free

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