5+ Expense Report Templates

By | October 24, 2018

It is a best place to download a free expense report template to design expense reports for your business or company in short time. Money spending by a company or business to carry out various business operations and activities is known as expense and document used to record expense in a particular period of time is named as expense report. Expense reports are usually prepared by employees and other staff for reimbursement purpose and submitted to accounting department of the company for record keeping because financial reports of a business or company cannot be prepared with expense details. Thankfully, Microsoft excel is a brilliant software that allows us to keep a proper record of personal or business expense in form of expense report. Below is a readymade expense report template that can be editable as per business needs easily to prepare expense reports.

About Expense Report Template:

An Expense report is a report prepared by employee or junior accountant of the company in which they list all expense they have paid by them for business purpose in a specific period. An expense report may include gas and electricity charges, office meeting meals, transportation wages and business hotel stays etc. Through this way they can get reimbursement by the employer. An expense report should prepare with all important details such as nature of expense, amount of money and date etc. Also dispatch bills and receipts that paid by you. Preparing an expense report for business or company can help to minimize the expenses and help you a lot to maintain financial affairs of the company in best way. There is huge amount of expense report templates on internet that you can use to make expense report for your business or company.

Download Free Expense Report Templates

MS Excel Expense Report Template

expense report template 1

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Contractor Expense Report Template

expense report template 2

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Company Expense Report Template

expense report template 3

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Online Excel Expense Report Template

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