6+ Commercial Lease Agreement Templates

By | October 25, 2018

A commercial lease agreement can be produced with the elegant Commercial Lease Agreement Template which is given below for your convenience. A document prepared and signed by two parties when renting a property for business purposes. Parties of the agreement are landlord and tenant. Every business organization or company needs an office space or workplace to accomplish their operations and business procedures efficiently that’s why they choose to rent property from landlord or property owner instead of buying because it involves minimum amount of capital to invest. Commercial lease agreement sets forth all important terms and conditions of the commercial lease for both parties. Commercial lease agreement can be little bit more difficult to write than a residential lease. Many people use commercial lease agreement templates to develop commercial lease agreements for business use.

Commercial lease agreement is a kind of agreement usually signed between landlord who owns property and customer or client who want to borrow property for a specific time period for commercial use. Commercial lease is specific to use property only for commercial or business use rather than residential use. It is a very important instrument which legally protects both parties in the agreement. It clearly defines all terms and conditions of commercial lease must be followed by both parties.  It is a legal agreement which can enforceable by law. It should be in written and signed by both involved parties. Commercial lease agreement sample and templates can help you a lot if you wish to prepare commercial lease agreement by yourself. It is very easy to make changes in such templates and you can add information as per your needs and requirements.

Commercial Lease Agreement

Commercial Lease Agreement Template

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Sample Commercial Lease Agreement

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Commercial Lease Agreement Example

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Commercial Lease Agreement Printable

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Commercial Lease Agreement Sample

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