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7+ Non-Disclosure Agreement Templates

Download a ready to use Non-Disclosure Agreement Template over here to prevent errors and mistakes when writing a Non-Disclosure Agreement for business or personal use. A non-disclosure agreement can be described as a contract in which the signer agrees not to disclose another party’s confidential information. That confidential information may include method of productions, business… Read More »

6+ Loan Agreement Templates

Entering into a loan agreement? Build up a perfect loan agreement using free Loan Agreement Template. A legal document that explains relationship between a money borrower and lender is named as loan agreement. It sets forth the terms and conditions of a loan for both parties involved in the agreement. People borrow money for fulfillment… Read More »

6+ Software License Agreement Templates

A ready to use Software License Agreement Template is available here on this page that can be download for free into a computer to make a software license agreement for your business.  It is said by professionals that “To protect yourself legally, all of your company’s software and computer programs should be covered with software… Read More »

5+ Sponsorship Agreement Templates

You can download a free Sponsorship Agreement Template on this page to compose an effective and detailed sponsorship agreement for your business or company. Sponsorship can be described as an invaluable resource to obtain funds and support for an event or cause from another party. Sponsorship agreement us a legal document that identifies the correct… Read More »