7+ Bill of Sale Templates

By | October 22, 2018

A lot of templates are obtainable on this website and one of them is Bill of Sale Template which is added here on this page and offered for free to download. It assists users a lot to create spotless bill of sales in short span of time preventing errors and mistakes. Bill of sale is just like a sales invoice that protects your interests when selling something to another party or individual person. Contents of a bill of sale are similar to sales receipt or invoice just like name of both parties, products or goods involved in transaction, specified sum of money as cost and date of transaction etc. a bill of sale usually used to reveal ownership change of assets and properties like a house or car etc.

A bill of sale is a written formal document usually used to shows sale of goods or transfer of ownership from one person to another.  Bill of sale is a proof of sale transaction or change the ownership of goods or property from seller to buyer. It is a very useful document to show that the buyer now has ownership and to detail what kind of purchase was made. A bill of sale may contain date & time, kind of goods or property, value or price of goods, name and contact details of seller, name and contact details of buyer and other terms and conditions regarding sale or transfer or ownership. It should be well prepared in professional format and must sign by involved parties. You can also prepare a bill of sale by using bill of sale templates available on internet free of cost.

Bill of Sale Template Free

Sample Bill of Sale Template

bill of sale template 1

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Bill of Sale Template Blank

bill of sale template 2

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Auto Bill of Sale Template

bill of sale template 3

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Simple Bill of Sale Template

bill of sale template 4

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Bill of Sale Example

bill of sale template 5

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Bill of Sale Template PDF

bill of sale template 6

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