6+ Balance Sheet Templates

Business owners and company leaders use generally four major financial statements to figure out the company’s financial position during a specific accounting time interval and balance sheet is one of them. They mostly use Balance Sheet Template to create balance sheet for company or business. Purpose of a balance sheet is to show all details about the assets and liabilities of a company or institution at a particular time. A balance sheet is also known as statement of financial position in various companies and organizations. Use of a balance sheet is excellent way to determine a company’s financial standing during an accounting period because it states in details what a company owns and what it owes by other companies or individual persons. Balance sheet templates are prepared by experts to prevent errors when making balance sheet for a company or business.

Balance sheet is a very important and one of the major financial statements of the company, business or organization. It summarizes the assets, liabilities and shareholder’s equity of a company or organization at a specific time. In other words a balance sheet is a measurable summary of a company’s financial position at a specific point in time. It is a document generally prepared by a general accountant of the company. When you want to make balance sheet for your company be sure to include all assets, that which the company owns, all liabilities that which the company have to pay and equities that which the company invested into other business. You can also use balance sheet templates available on internet for your ease. By using balance sheet templates, you will be able to prepare a perfect balance sheet for your company without errors and mistakes.

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Simple Balance Sheet Template

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Company Balance Sheet Template

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MS Excel Balance Sheet Template

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Balance Sheet Example

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 Personal Balance Sheet Template

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