5+ Lease Agreement Templates

You can download free Lease Agreement Template at the end of post. It is a written contract between two parties, landlord who owns some sort of property and other who borrowing the property for a specific time period against a specified sum of payment. A lease agreement legally protects both … Continue reading

6+ Commercial Lease Agreement Templates

A commercial lease agreement can be produced with the elegant Commercial Lease Agreement Template which is given below for your convenience. A document prepared and signed by two parties when renting a property for business purposes. Parties of the agreement are landlord and tenant. Every business … Continue reading

6+ Rental Agreement Templates

Free rental agreement template can be downloaded here. Rental agreement is an agreement between a landlord and tenant to articulate all terms and conditions to use a property against a handsome amount of money as rent. It is a legal agreement between two parties where one who rents a property and … Continue reading

7+ Non-Disclosure Agreement Templates

Download a ready to use Non-Disclosure Agreement Template over here to prevent errors and mistakes when writing a Non-Disclosure Agreement for business or personal use. A non-disclosure agreement can be described as a contract in which the signer agrees not to disclose another party's confidential … Continue reading

6+ Loan Agreement Templates

Entering into a loan agreement? Build up a perfect loan agreement using free Loan Agreement Template. A legal document that explains relationship between a money borrower and lender is named as loan agreement. It sets forth the terms and conditions of a loan for both parties involved in the … Continue reading