Sales Receipt Template

Sale receipt is a document or slip of paper provided by the company to their customer when they purchase any kind of goods or services from company. Mostly it indicates all important information regarding sale such as, time and date, kind of goods or services, amount of goods or services, total payment and mode of payment as well.  Sales receipt is a proof for the customer that purchase was made and what they bought and how much money they paid for goods. People saves sales invoices for several reasons such as, in order to get reimbursement by owner, tax preparation, maintain personal accounts and exchange of goods etc. Hand written sales receipt is an old method, mostly companies are using electronic sales receipts which saves time and minimize the human errors. Large number of software available on internet that can help you to prepare sales receipts seconds.

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Remittance Template

Remittance is a sum of money sent to his hometown by worker who works in abroad. In other words remittance can be defined as any form of money transfer or payment made from your working country to home country. There are different sources of remittance such as, check, draft and other electronic ways. It also refers to the amount of money being sent in order to get rid of an obligation. Remittance advice is a very important business document which shows that invoice has been paid and also identifies the mod of payment. Remittance advice is not mandatory, but it can help a lot to manage account receivable by companies. If you are looking to design a remittance advice, you should use remittance advice template to prepare it. You can also collect some useful tips and instruction from internet to prepare it in a professional format.

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Weekly Planner Template

Planning is a very important factor to accomplish a task, project or any other job effectively. Making a plan of doing something can help you a lot to manage your time, resources, budget and many other affairs. Weekly planner is an instrument that can be used to deal with your tasks and jobs throughout the week. A weekly planner allows you to keep track of your all events, tasks, jobs and other things that you have to do in seven days of a week. You should know your commitments and consist of each week in order to prepare a weekly planner, through this way you will be able to manage your time far more effectively and efficiently. There is a wide variety of templates and samples that helps you to prepare and manage a weekly planner. Weekly planner templates are best to utilize in this regards.

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Action Plan Template

Action plan is a tool which outlines the all activities to be done n order to achieve a goal or completing a task. It is a best instrument which helps in social planning. It may identify necessary information about a task or goal such as, specific task, time period and recourses allocation etc. simply an action plan is a bunch of strategies that can be implemented in order to achieve a goal are complete a task. Action plan is very important tool because it gives you a road map for thinking about how you will accomplish your task with best. An action plan can be designed for small and large projects. It should be designed effectively and in a professional manner. Action plan template is a best thing that you can use in order to make an efficient action plan for your task or project.

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Confidentiality Agreement Template

Confidentiality Agreement is an agreement between two parties in which both parties makes a promise that conveyed business information will be maintained in secrecy. The main purpose of this agreement is to keep secret and not to disclose any confidential information of the company or business to any outsider. Confidential information of a company might be a secret process or a new product. A confidential agreement briefly explains exactly what information can and cannot be disclosed. A nondisclosure agreement can be used to protect any type of confidential information that is not generally known. You can write a confidential agreement yourself simply using your computer. You just collect some tips and outlines that can help you to write a perfect confidential agreement and prepare it in word processing document. You can also utilize confidential agreement templates and samples in this regards.

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Weekly Calendar Template

A calendar is best tool which enables you to record events and help you to organize your days for social, religious and official purpose. Calendars are available in different kinds like weekly, monthly and yearly calendars. Weekly calendar consists of seven days of a week. Weekly calendar is a perfect way to manage your tasks events and other affairs throughout the week. It shows name of days in week and date as well. Some weekly calendars also indicate some special events like social, religious and national events etc. You can record all tasks and events in a weekly calendar that you need to accomplish in a week effectively. Nowadays, weekly calendar applications are available for mobile phones that you can use to prepare and manage your own weekly calendar. If you want to prepare a weekly calendar and wish to take a print out, you should use weekly calendar templates respectively.

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Rental Agreement Template

Free rental agreement template can be downloaded here. Rental agreement is an agreement between a landlord and tenant to articulate all terms and conditions to use a property against a handsome amount of money as rent. It is a legal agreement between two parties where one who rents a property and other owner of the property. In this agreement a landlord allows a tenant to use his/her property by paying specified sum of money as rent by following the terms and conditions of the agreement and tenant agrees to pay rent before due date to the landlord. As you know that it is a legal document so it can be enforceable by law in case of any quarrel and issues. You will like this Rental Agreement Template.

Rental agreement may include name and details of both parties, nature of property, duration of the agreement, rent amount, due date for rent payment and other necessary details along with terms and conditions. Such agreements are best for both parties and protect both parties in case of any dispute. It is a legal document and need to be prepared in a professional format with all sufficient details and information.  If you want to write a rental agreement and have no idea about how to write, you should use rental agreement template. It is a pre designed format that permits a user to enter his/her details in it to write a perfect and faultless rental agreement.

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Rental Agreement Template

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Free Letterhead Template

You can download Free Letterhead Template here. Letterhead is a printed heading on stationary or letter paper. Generally letter head consists of name of company, logo or trademark of the company, address and other contact details and information about company. The word letterhead also used to refer stationary or piece of paper imprinted with such a heading. The main purpose of a letterhead is to take print of important document and other confidential letters of the company to give them neat and professional look. The main cause to have letterhead is to ensure that the organization is presented with the logo, type face, and contact information in a consistent format. A letterhead must be simple and professional in format. You should not add too many contacts in your letterhead. You can design a letterhead in Microsoft word and can also use letterhead templates in order to design a perfect letterhead. This Free Letterhead Template will be really helpful to you.

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Free Letterhead Template

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Homework Template

As children are given Homework to do at their homes so that they memorize the work done in the classes and also stay prepared for the work to be performed the next day. Similarly, the office staff shall also review their work done today before beginning their work the next day. It is one major source, which keeps the work planned. It has to be done and performed for the project prepared to evaluate its effectiveness and appropriateness. Performing a work after working hours in one’s leisure hours helps one explore more about the work on a widened scale like Google surfing libraries book hunt on the project concerned. So this way you can explore the most information on the project and make it wider in scope. The balance of work to be done and reviewed at working hours and non-working hours should be maintained to avoid burden on a being.

Here is sample homework template

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Business Plan Template

You can download free Business Plan Template here. Business plan is a written document or statement showing that how a new or existing business will achieve its goals and objectives. Business plan may include nature of business, purpose of business, marketing and sales strategies, financial strength and other important details and information. Business plan is just like a road map of a business to provide right directions and tracks to get business objective with best. You need to describe your business and its objective and need to spell out expertise and skills you and your management team have, in order to get business goals while writing a business plan. It is a basic business document and need extra care and attention to complete. You can get free business plan template in word from here.

If you are going to start a new business or want to upgrade your existing business for new purposes, you are advised to spend time on making of business plan because it will help you a lot to run your business affairs smoothly. You can get help from professionals if you are unfamiliar with preparation of business plan but it may require huge amount of money. Business plan template is something that allows you to prepare a business plan yourself with all important details and information without facing problems and confusions. Get an appropriate business plan template and go ahead to make an ingenious business plan for your company or organization.

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Business Plan Template

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